Our Chapter delivers roughly 200 blankets each month, so a steady supply is essential.  If your passion is quilting, crochet, fleece, or even if you just enjoy getting together with a fun group to cut material for others, this may be a great way for you to get involved.


Again, with 200 blankets going out each month, that's a lot of tags to sew!  Machine sewn is preferable, but a good hand stitch is fine, as well.  Taggers also help with sorting, inspecting, and counting of blankets.

Fortunately, we have also discovered iron-on tags for those of us with little sewing skills :) Not all blankets lend themselves to this method, but some do. 

Drop Offs/Pick Ups

You may live near one of our drop off sites or you may travel between some of our frequent locations. Maybe you even work at one of our recipient organizations! Whether you can do one delivery per month or pick up from the fabric stores once in a blue moon, we can use the help. A lot of our volunteers hold jobs, care for families or have various other responsibilities that make our time limited and precious, but when we all work together, it's hardly a burden!


Whether you can make a one-time donation to Project Linus, run a lemonade stand to benefit Linus, or if you would like to spearhead continual fundraising efforts, this role is integral to the operation.  Funds raised go to everything from postage, shipping costs, and printing, to blanket labels, and helping purchase blanket-making supplies.  As our fundraising efforts grow, we hope to assist all our blanketeers with purchasing blanket-making materials, either by providing materials, or gift cards to their favorite fabric shop.

Currently, the majority of costs incurred with each blanket is absorbed by the blanketeer, and administrative costs are absorbed by the coordinator.  We would like to alleviate this burden from our volunteers, allowing us to broaden our outreach and maintain our mission.


While not everyone's niche is in making blankets, everyone can help in Project Linus!

Monetary donations are always welcome.

Other items accepted are:  Fleece, in kid-friendly themes; batting; gift cards for items such as gas, office supplies, fabric/sewing stores; and postage.

are always 

Additional volunteers are always needed, year-round, to help keep things running!  Listed are some of the areas where help is needed most, and some details about what is involved.  You are more than welcome to help in one area, or every one!  Whatever is best for you.