One of the most common questions is, "What kind of blankets should I make?"

Below are some guidelines to help get you started.

The basic specifications for a Project Linus blanket are to be quality, new, handmade, and washable. They must also come from a smoke-free environment. They can be any style of blanket, from the no-sew fleece, to quilts, crocheted or knitted afghans, and receiving blankets. They should be appropriate colors and styles for children, with special consideration that the children receiving the blankets have gone through some type of traumatic situation, so the patterns should be “carefree.”

The blankets that this chapter delivers to our recipient organizations are categorized as: 

  • Baby (about 36x36); 

  • Small, Ages 2-6 (about 40x40); 

  • Medium, Ages 7-12 (about 40x60); and 

  • Large, Teen (about 50x60). 

The sizes are just a guideline. It’s more about the age group. Tip: When making a blanket in a particular size range, choose a material theme that is suitable for that age.

For no-sew fleece, use a pattern with fleece, and a pull-through, or braided fringe. Also, please cut off the selvage, or hem the materials.

Of course, these are just guidelines! The blankets really do provide a sense of comfort and security to a child in a difficult situation, and each one is treasured and appreciated.